My name is Abigail Collom and I am graduating in the fall of 2023 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Editorial design is my main interest, however I enjoy working with all types of design projects where I can utilize my creative thinking skills.

Ailuridae Logo

Variable sizes

Logo design for Ailuridae, a high-end loungewear clothing brand. The red panda was chosen as the logo for the brand because the animal's warm, soft fur and lazy activity resembles the comfortability and purpose of the brand's clothing. In addition, the red panda was chosen because it gives the brand a cozy, relaxing tone.

Tropical Type Specimen Poster

11 x 17 inches

A type specimen poster displaying a tropical plant themed display typeface design.. A careful selection of fruits and leaves are used as modular elements to make up the shapes of the letterforms. When designing the alphabet, specific  plant components were chosen for each letter based on that plant's shape and its ability to make the form  while still appearing natural.

Travel Board App

667 x 375 px

Travel Board is an app designed to provide a stress-free vacation planning experience. The app's location pin icon resembles the idea of traveling as well as the idea of pinning ideas and information. The script typeface used for the app's logo was chosen to highlight the flowing movement of traveling through the air, and the vibrant color palette used in the app was chosen to give a fun yet calming presence to the app's interface.