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Hi! My name is Cedric and im part of the FAU Graduating class of 2023. My love for design first spawned from works of fiction, Video games, and tabletop games. These topics have driven my work since day one, and I hope to show them off to you at our show!

Grave of the Fireflies title sequence

Dimensions: 1280 x 720 px, 00:01:30

This title sequence was created to mimic the solemn tone portrayed in the Studio Ghibli Film, Grave of the Fireflies. Each frame draws from the film in both its imagery and pacing, paying homage to the actors who participated in the project, and giving the film a strong foothold to hook the audience from the start.

ASAP HEALTH Application Interface

Dimensions: 1500 x 3248px

The ASAP HEALTH Application is an emergency response-based service, wherein users can check their vitals through devices connected to their phone. The design includes an emergency section which provides quick answers and steps to various kinds of care. The design philosophy behind this project is to provide a clear definition of emergency and health information while remaining accessible to a wide variety of potential users.

Coral Bleaching Posters

Dimensions: 27 x 36 inches

Long: These two posters create striking imagery using same collection of assets, coral and fish imagery. The goal of the project is to employ two separate methods of layout design, leading the eye, and direct eye contact. The objective of the posters is to address the subject of coral bleaching, and the death of native wildlife.