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Animated Logo 

Animation of a video game production company logo. The initial logo is shown first highlighted by a magic effect. After floating to the side, the rest  of the company’s name is traced in red then filled in finishing the animation

STRATUS BFA Invitation

10 x 4 inches flat, 5 x 4 inches folded

Invitation for BFA show titled “Stratus”. The invitation features a space themed background and typography in reference to the stratus theme. The invitation is opened to reveal “Stratus” in bold glowing type. All type besides the FAU logo and return address are glowing white to ensure no confusion when mailing.

P4P (Pound4Pound) App 

Screen responsive

App for the company P4P, (Pound4Pound). The color scheme, dark grey and gold, a color scheme only used by champions, and is often used in various sports. The app features a profile, community, training, home, and diet page. The available tabs teach users different martial arts practices.