My name is Sarize Perez, but if you ask anyone else I’m mostly known as Smoonie. I will be graduating from FAU with a BFA in Graphic Design in Fall 2023. Someday I hope to design for a clothing brand or even own one.

Ara Vita Business Card and Menu

8.5 x 11 inch (Menu) 

3.5 x 2 inch (Business Card)

Ara Vita is a bubble tea shop that serves milk tea boba beverages, smoothies and coffee. The overall goal of the menu was to simplify the reader’s experience so that they aren’t overwhelmed with the numerous flavor choices and combinations. All designs for the brand feature soft pink and teal accents that support the light, and open feel of the brand. The typography is updated from a serif to a sans serif typeface for improved legibility and a more contemporary feel.

Stratus BFA Invitation

6 x 4 inches

The Stratus invitation features a dark yet vibrant design that heavily relies on topography elevation imagery in the background to push the message of elevation and create depth. The typography features a serif typeface for the title while the other information is treated with a sans-serif typeface for contrast. Since the background is strong with hues of blue and pink, it was important to keep the typography simple, elegant and legible.


Dimensions: 8.5 x 11-inch pages

Bailout is a magazine created by skaters, for skaters covering a wide range of topics in the industry. Bailout captures the raw and gritty feel that skate culture embodies with colors such as shades of blue and black with grip tape texture to further push the authenticity. Bailout magazine features energetic hand-written titles and headlines accompanied by legible sans-serif typefaces throughout its pages.